About WA Recycling

Breaking Down The Waste Barrier

We are Western Australia’s leading construction and demolition waste, recycling and recovery specialists. We deliver resourceful and sustainable waste management solutions for the civil, construction and demolition industry.

Our state of the art custom-built recycling plant has the potential to recycle 750,000 tonnes of waste per year.  We are passionate in our effort to close the loop on construction and demolition (C&D) waste by diverting it from landfill through recycling and regenerating waste in to products such as recycled road base, aggregates and sand. 


No project is too large or too small, it’s the end result that matters. We provide personalised waste solutions for small business right through to large private and government infrastructural projects. We will extract maximum value from your waste streams and deliver the best outcomes for you and our environment, in a safe and secure manner. 


Our facility is a Department of Environment and Water Regulation approved facility. We maintain stringent management controls resulting in high quality end products.

Our Services

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Waste To Resource Operations

Using our advanced technologies, we take your civil, construction and demolition waste and recycle it into high-value road base, sand and aggregates that can be used for various projects including commercial construction.

We will work with you to create sustainable solutions for your business in the areas of waste processing, transfer site operations, transport and logistics services.

We offer collection and transport of various waste products including civil, construction and demolition material, soils and sands, or old rail ballast. Our state of the art recycling plant has been designed to process a range of materials and our flexible approach means we can adapt to projects of any size.

Waste streams we specialise in

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  • Civil, Construction and demolition waste
  • Waste soils and clays
  • Concrete with or without reinforcement
  • Granite, gravels and similar materials
  • Cleanfill (sand, clay, limestone)
  • Rock
  • Brick, ceramics and roof tiles
  • Asphalt
  • Plasterboard
  • Wetmix washout concrete
  • Horizontal drilling/vacuum excavation waste

Helping WA reach its target to reuse and recycle at least 75% of waste generated by 2030.

Our Partners

Our innovative approach and investment in industry-leading technology has been recognised by The Waste Authority of Western Australia with a grant of $245,000 and $224,250 for our project at 95 Talbot Rd Hazelmere. We’re proud to collaborate with the following partners.