Our Story

Making waste work for a sustainable future

WA Recycling is one of Western Australia’s leading waste, recycling and recovery specialists. We deliver smart and sustainable waste management solutions for the civil, construction and demolition industry.

Certified to supply to Main Roads WA as a Road to Reuse provider

WA Recycling is a Perth based, family owned and operated company, conveniently located 18km from Perth CBD, in Hazelmere, Western Australia.  The company has been servicing the Perth metropolitan area since 2012, providing dynamic and enduring recycling led solutions for construction and demolition, (C&D) waste streams. 


Year 2020 saw the creation of our brand new, state of the art, purpose-built recycling plant which has been five years in the making, with timeless efforts going into planning and designing an optimum establishment. We have created a facility which boasts clean modern technologies, endless opportunities, all whilst being considerate of environmental impacts.


Our facility is safety focused and capable of processing 750,000 tonnes of construction and demolition, (C&D), waste per year, recycling the waste into high grade, quality, road base, aggregates and sand. 


WA Recycling is open to the public, is accredited by the Department of Water, Environment & Regulation, (DWER), and holds an impeccable safety record in accordance with all Government and Safety Regulations.

In Western Australia, we produce around 4.7 million tonnes of solid waste every year, with construction and demolition waste representing around half of that figure. 


Since 2012, WA Recycling’s passion and focus for recycling continues to evolve. The company is passionate in its efforts to reduce waste in landfill and continually invest in finding new improved ways to repurpose and recycle construction and demolition waste streams.


We’re focused on maximising resource value with an aim to minimise, and ideally eliminate the environmental impact, so that both our economy and environment can thrive.


WA Recycling is committed to helping Western Australia exceed its targets of reusing and recycling 75% of waste generated by 2030. In fact, we recycle approximately 99% of the waste received. By reducing landfill and producing recycled products, we are contributing to a more sustainable construction industry whilst preserving our natural resources for future generations.

Our Vision

To achieve zero waste in landfill across the waste streams we operate within.


Our Mission

To make your difficult to recycle waste – recyclable.

Our Core Values

core values

Our Expertise


We have collectively 30 years of knowledge and experience in waste management, recycling and sustainability. Our dedicated team will work with you to solve your waste challenges and create sustainable business practices to ensure your waste management is more economical, whilst also benefiting the environment.


From small businesses and large corporations to local and state government infrastructural projects, we provide comprehensive and personalised waste solutions to our varied customers.


Many of our customers use our facility to have their waste recycled into products that they can re-use on their projects, thereby closing the recycling loop.

Why work with us?


  • We utilise state of the art processing methods to ensure the waste products we receive are recycled
  • We manufacture high quality products that are vigorously tested
  • We’re a Department of Environment and Water Regulation approved facility
  • We maintain stringent management controls relating to the geotechnical and environmental quality of the products
  • We can save you money and help improve your environmental credentials
  • We’re centrally located, just 18km outside of the Perth CBD

We value our customers as we value the environment and pride ourselves on quality, open and honest, transparent customer service. We will take the time and required steps to analyse each and every potential client’s unique requirements. We will collaborate with you to design the best waste management method and solution that delivers maximum efficiencies and cost savings to you, whilst also benefiting the environment.

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Our Partners

Our innovative approach and investment in industry-leading technology has been recognised by The Waste Authority of Western Australia with a grant of $245,000 and $224,250 for our project at 95 Talbot Rd Hazelmere. We’re proud to collaborate with the following partners.