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Recycling isn’t simply about landfill diversion. It’s about transforming products and finding new ways to reuse them to create real environmental and resource benefits.

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Did you know, recycled concrete products have a carbon footprint of up to 65% less than equivalent quarry products?

Road Base


20mm recycled road base

This 100% recycled road base is easy to spread, offers great compaction and can be used as base or subbase material for hardstand areas, track material, road base in most civil construction applications including road pavements, car parks, slab preparation, pipe bedding, walkways and under concrete pads. The 20mm recycled road base is made to IPWEA/WALGA/MRWA specification.





Recycled screened fill sand

Our sand is 100% recycled and specially designed for house pads, bedding sand, backfill or can be used for general purpose. Rigorous testing on this material certifies the product to be very durable and free of toxic contaminants.


Eco Sand

This is a by-product of concrete recycling and comprises concrete, rock and brick fines. It can be used for concrete slab preparation, backfilling and hardstand areas. Rigorous testing on this material certifies the product to be very durable and free of toxic contaminants.


Fill sand

Ideal for base preparation for concrete slab preparation, backfilling, civil works, road construction and the like.


Paving and lawn sand

Ideal for paving preparation, backfilling and top-dressing lawns


Clean white unwashed sand

Ideal for horse arenas and paving preparation.

Sand 1


Our aggregate products are 100% recycled and available in the following sizes:


  • 7mm-10mm
  • 7mm-14mm
  • 10mm-14mm
  • 10mm-20mm
  • 20mm-30mm
  • 30mm-50mm


Note: we can custom make material to your specification.


These aggregates can be used for a wide range of purposes including drainage and filtering applications, (around stormwater pipes and pits), retaining walls, landscaping or as concrete aggregates.


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